Located in Cape Town, our objective is to provide low-cost, well maintained cars to the public. We aim to offer a better, more personalised service at very reasonable rates.



We have earned the trust of our customers by providing reliable cars on time at very low rates and giving excellent service.


We are open for deliveries, collections and call-outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are open in all our dealings with our customers.


Our business is personally managed by the owner, Mark Adams, and we strive to establish a personal relationship with our customers.


Because our cars are not new good, regular maintenance is critical to our business. Our cars are regularly serviced and the fleet upgraded on an on-going basis to ensure reliability.


Our rates are among the best in the market and we aim to provide a reasonable alternative to the big names in the business.


In order to ensure that we can respond promptly and efficiently to any problems that might arise our cars are restricted to a 150 kilometre radius of Cape Town.


We have been in the car hire business for 10 years and over that time have acquired a depth of knowledge and experience which enables us to offer solutions and deal with issues in a professional and efficient manner.


We are absolutely committed to providing our customers with excellent service.